I can't find WifiTrak in the App Store. What happened? Where can I find it?

Unfortunately Apple removed *all* the wifi scanners/stumblers from the App Store. We are no longer allowed to sell our product. If you already have it, you can continue to use it until some future firmware incompatibility breaks it at which point we will not be allowed to submit any fixes and you will be stuck with the built-in scanner.

It is of course Apple's right to control their platform as they see fit, we are just disappointed they chose to restrict users' choices in this way.

I upgraded to OS 3.0 and now I get an error on startup. What can I do?

WifiTrak 2.5 does not support OS 3.0. You need to upgrade to version 2.6 which is now available on iTunes.

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I upgraded to version 2.6 and the signal strengths are all negative. Is this a bug?

No, this is not a bug, but it is a difference from OS 2.x to OS 3.x. The RSSI values are returned to us that way and we decided to keep them as is. In OS 2.2.1 and earlier, the RSSI values ranged from 0 (weakest) towards 100 (strongest), however in OS 3.0 (and probably beyond) the values range from -100 (weakest) towards 0 (strongest). We haven't seen the values come close to either extreme though and WifiTrak will still sort the strongest signals to the top.

What do the different icons mean?

We have included this little table in the app as well for quick reference:

Secured, password known.
Open (verified)
Connected to, web page fetched.
Open (NOT verified)
Open, but Connect and Check is off, no verification attempted
Open (verfication in progress)
Not yet verified.
Known (maybe)
Have a wildcard entry in the known list for this SSID, but have never connected.
Open, but presents a web page for credentials or payment.
Error occured while associating, getting an ip address or fetching the web page.
Network requires credentials or is hidden
Nothing in range or WiFi is OFF or Airplane mode selected.

When are you going to add password cracking?

We have no plans to add such features. This tool is intended as a productivity aid and a security tool, not a hacking tool.

Why can't I hear the notification tone?

The software respects your alert notification settings and the silent switch on the side of the phone. If you are in silent mode, the device will only vibrate to indicate that a network matching your criteria has been found. Another common problem is that the minimum signal strength slider is set too high, so even though you can see an open network with signal strength 8 in the list, you have the slider set to 10+ so you will not be notified.

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If we still haven't answered your question, please don't hesitate to ask us! We are also collecting feedback for enhancements and bug fixes, so don't be shy, and we thank you for your purchase!

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